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Fulfilling the American Dream

When I was a kid, I was told anyone could start their own business and make their dream come true with just an idea and sheer hard work.

Michael McIver

The Story

Back then, after you invented a product or service the next step was to rent a space and get people to pay for it. Businesses that were successful often created millionaires. But if not, it meant going back to the drawing board and starting again. There was NO guarantee – but there was and still is an opportunity called THE AMERICAN DREAM.

So why does it seem like it’s getting harder to achieve?

The landscape of America has changed to full-blown digital. The faster pace, AI technology, legislation and more have evolved leaving the old ways and tricks in the past. So much so that it appears as if there is no longer an American Dream.

Yet, here at Sky, we believe the American Dream is very much alive and stronger than ever. However, businesses often struggle with maneuvering in the new landscape making it harder to see and exploit opportunities. Our intention is to bridge the gap and help businesses transition.

What do we mean by transition?

In most cases, customers no longer use your product with their hands unless to click. Store fronts are not buildings, they are web pages. Your physical address does not gain foot traffic, but your web address does.

Nowadays, it’s not about the business card or flyer. And word of mouth will not produce enough to be competitive. It’s your website, SEO, social media, content writing, PPC and digital marketing that generate leads to produce revenue.

Big Brands & their

Does it feel like the big-name brands stopped caring about their customers? We hear “I’m sorry” too often from the biggest companies with the most resources. Complaining does no good and truth be told; we don’t need them anymore!

SMB’s Unite

It’s time we stopped believing these big corporations and cookie-cutter product offerings. As small business owners, we need to go back to working with other SMB’s who genuinely understand our needs. It’s time we started uplifting each other by building each other up.

At Sky, we believe we can achieve far greater success if we are able to deliver real solutions at affordable price points for small to medium enterprises across the globe.

Why Sky Methods?

In 2024 and beyond, businesses must reduce overhead to stay competitive. While utilizing automations and efficient workflows are a great way to get started, it’s just as important to understand what type of technology tools will get you to the finish line.

What you need is

Sky Methods

You need a team that takes the time to understand your business model. We provide tailor-fit technology solutions that match your business needs. We provide custom services for people and small enterprises alike.

Our mission is to help fellow dreamers achieve their goals and fulfill their American Dream.

We are Sky Methods
and this is what we
are here for.