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Fulfilling the American Dream

The American Dream -- When I was a kid, I was told that anyone could start their own business and make their dream come true with just an idea and sheer hard work. Most of the time this meant creating a product or service and then offering it to people for money.

Michael McIver

The Story

Back then, after you had created your product or service, you had to rent a space where you could showcase your product and get people to buy it. Often, the business ideas that were successful would create new millionaires. On the contrary, those that weren’t as successful, it meant going back to the drawing board and starting over again. The crux of the matter is that despite going through all these struggles, becoming a millionaire was NO guarantee – It was an OPPORTUNITY called THE AMERICAN DREAM.

So why does it seem like it’s getting harder and harder each day?

The reason is because the landscape has changed in America. The internet, technology, and legislation have all evolved. The old methods and way of thinking about business are gone. The old tricks don’t work anymore. And for these reasons, it has become more difficult to understand the available opportunities and achieve your dreams. So much so that it appears as if there is no longer an American Dream.

Yet, here at Sky, we believe that the American Dream is still very much alive and stronger than ever. However, the problem is that people don’t understand how to relate the old methods to the future methods of doing things. And we think it’s because we’re transitioning from the physical to the non-physical.

What do we mean by that?

Well, it’s just too difficult for people nowadays to wrap their heads around how all this shift to the digital space is working. For instance, today, your product can be a non-physical item. People can no longer touch your product with their hands because it could be a digital code. Store fronts are not just concrete buildings with a monthly rent – it’s a website with no monthly rental fees. Your location doesn’t matter to gain foot traffic, but your domain address does.

Nowadays, it’s no longer about the biz cards, flyers, and word of mouth that get traffic to your store – it’s the SEO, content writing, social media, PPC and a lot more digital marketing strategies that are directly driving traffic to your store or in this case, your website.

Big Brands & their

The thing is, the big companies do not care at all about small businesses. They pretend to care by lying to us about their products and services to get small businesses to buy from them. In truth, the big companies feed off the small businesses and try to keep them small on purpose if not, even cause them to go out of business.

And so, why do we trust these big brand names?

Because, in the past, you could only become a big brand if you had a good reputation. And from there, we assumed that any big brand could be trusted. However, this also evolved through the years and small businesses nowadays are starting to catch on.

You see, 20 years ago only the big brands had the software, technology, and tools that worked well...but not anymore…. You don’t need Google, Apple, and all these widely-marketed brands for your work tools. In fact, there are way better, faster, and easier tools to use which can integrate with every software or app of your choosing.

SMB’s Unite

It’s time that we stop believing what these big corporations are feeding us from their false advertising and cookie-cutter product offerings. As small business owners, we need to go back to only working and trusting other small businesses who genuinely understand our needs and who can actually offer clear-cut solutions to our problems. It’s about time that we start uplifting each other and stop helping these big companies to step all over the little guys.

By building each other up, we at Sky Methods, believe that we can achieve far greater success if we are able to deliver real solutions to actual business needs at a price point that is affordable for all entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises across the globe.

Why Sky Methods?

In 2021 and beyond, you no longer need physical overhead as we did in the past. Instead, what you need is a website which replaces that expensive rental space; an automated software that takes care and qualifies your leads for you; a phone system that does your sales follow up for your team; a robot that significantly reduces the long and tedious sales process while efficiently cutting down your need for manpower.

What you need is

Sky Methods

Here, at Sky Methods, we take the time to understand your business in order to provide you with tailor-fit cloud solutions that perfectly match your needs. We provide custom services for people and small enterprises alike, so you can freely use your imagination to come up with original ideas, inventions, products, and services that actually have a shot at bringing it to the market and turning it into a profitable business.

Our mission is to be able to help fellow dreamers to achieve their goals while at the same time provide jobs to others; to help both people and businesses that lack the resources or the capital to pursue their ideas and fulfill their American Dream.

This is Sky Methods
and this is what we
are here for.