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Business Phone Systems

Over 3000 businesses per month switch to the brand-new Vonage Phone Technology. Vonage has partnered with Sky Methods to provide a unique offering. From integration points to the newest and hottest feature set.

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Business Phone Features

Virtual Receptionist

When it comes to Vonage's key features for business, Virtual Receptionist is not only one of the most popular, but it's also the feature that most businesses set up first. This sophisticated auto attendant lets you create customer pathways.

Call Conference

With our Call Conference feature, adding an additional person to your call is as easy as pushing a few keys on your desk phone or mobile phone.

You probably know the situation well: You're on a phone call

Vonage ® MobileConnect

Today's employees are increasingly mobile and distributed across multiple locations. So, reliable mobile solutions are now critical for business. Vonage MobileConnect for Essentials is our mobile app that fully integrates with the Vonage Business phone system. Using the app.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Add the Vonage cloud-now that's powerful.

A phone system that's hosted in the Vonage Cloud is reliable and efficient. All you need is high-speed internet and digital small business phones to get started. Learn more.

Success Stories


The team at SL Consulting delivers advanced software solutions within the process manufacturing sector-and just like their customers, they rely on smart technology and reliable partners to keep their own operations running smoothly. This includes the cloud-based phone system they utilize daily.

Private Jets

Since 1987, Private Jets, Inc. has built a reputation on dependable service and a superior customer experience. The growing air charter company now counts 40 employees and 15 planes, with locations in four U.S. cities, including its home base in Oklahoma City.

Pie Shop

What is it about pie that makes us smile and want more? "It's nostalgic," says Mims Bledsoe. "It's something that people associate with their childhood or with growing up. Everybody has a story when it comes to pie."

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