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You know how critical good practice management software is and how the wrong system can wreak havoc on your billing, scheduling, reporting, and other administrative processes. When Sky Methods is your partner in the Practice Management, we are your advocate.

Here’s what we can do to help you select the right PM system for your practice:

  • Evaluate features & functionality
  • Rate overall vendor performance
  • Negotiate competitive pricing
  • Make sure your batches are approved

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Healthcare claim processing errors are often the cause of delayed or rejected provider reimbursements. When these go unresolved, it can mean not getting paid at all. Instead of wasting time filing appeals and calling insurance companies to check the status of your reimbursements, let Sky Methods find you a system that helps you avoid issues such as:

  • Demographic errors (i.e. age, date of birth, sex, address)
  • Inaccurate provider data
  • Incorrect or outdated patient insurance ID
  • Invalid CPT codes
  • Missing pre-authorizations

Posting insurance and patient payments for healthcare claim processing is critical to your practice. If these are not posted, you can’t bill your patients for any remaining charges, co-pays, or coinsurance, nor can any secondary claims be created. This can end up costing your small practice thousands of dollars.

Physicians spend up to 14% of their income dealing with health insurer requirements.


Sky Methods Helps You Get Paid Faster

Most small practices wait 90 days, on average, for their claims to be processed and paid. This can easily be cut in half with the right PM system. We have done a complete audit of the top PM systems available to determine which have the best track record of success when it comes to getting your practice paid on time. Our team of cloud software experts has also established strong relationships with these vendors to ensure you get the best functionality, flexibility, price, and customer service available.

Say goodbye to errors



Advanced Data Systems (ADS)

MedicsPremir Practice Management has a 99% success rate on first attempt claims processing requests and an array of powerful features to ensure you are paid on time, every time.


Allscripts practice management system offers a customizable workflow for your front office. A complete PM/EHR software suite is also available through the company.


athenaCollector boasts a 94% first-pass claims rate and purports to get practices paid 32 percent faster than the average software. The software is Meaningful Use Stage II-certified and ICD-10-ready.

eClinical Works

The eClinicalWorks PM system makes scheduling across multiple providers easy. It also streamlines the billing process with a built-in coding advice component.


EpicCare’s integrated PM system has Meaningful Use Stage II certification, and ICD-10 preparedness. Epic touts its interoperability across the continuum of care as a hallmark of the system.

General Electric

Centricity Practice Solution is an integrated PM/EHR system, though each can be configured to operate as stand-alone software. Centricity is highly customizable and easily interoperable with most hospitals and billing services.


Kareo is a comprehensive PM system with fully customizable dashboards, full patient scheduling and management components, and all of the vital billing features your small practice requires.


McKesson's PM system is integrated with their EHR system and is fully certified for Meaningful Use Stage II, and comes ICD-10 ready. It is both client-server and cloud-based.