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Sky Methods started out reselling 3rd party cloud computing services from reliable cloud computing companies but when it came to CRM, none of our customers were happy with what were available. After the many failures with products from even the top cloud companies, we decided to build the perfect customer relationship management software for our clients.
With the rise of new technologies around building robots, we were able to incorporate them into our CRM, creating the first CRM robots that are capable of performing sales and marketing duties.


A CRM for salespeople by salespeople

Close more deals your way. Sell however you like, we’ll adapt.

Close more deals your way. Sell however you like, we’ll adapt.

SkyQuota is the only CRM on the market that proactively turns website visitors into qualified leads, with performance similar to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With SkyQuota, you can increase your sales team’s productivity and enable you to focus on what matters – closing deals. Provide your team with the complete CRM tools that gives them an automated sales pipeline of highly qualified leads.

Sales & Marketing Robots

Launching your startup? We’ve done all the research and created our sales and marketing robots to suit the needs of small business startups. Our robots handle lead generation and basic qualification, just as well as marketing employees. CRM marketing has never been easier!

Get the maximum conversions from your website visitors. Convert prospects into customers by delivering an in-person experience without adding headcounts. SkyIntel collects and organizes all leads and interactions into one simple screen. You can get all this power comparable to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a more affordable package!

3rd Party

Cloud Brands

Does your business use cloud solutions, tools, and technologies? Sky Methods is one of the biggest cloud providers for small businesses, providing cloud computing solutions as well as cloud computing consulting to help guide your purchases. We offer a wide range of affordable products and services from top cloud computing companies and cloud service providers designed to make your business grow more efficiently.
We are constantly searching for outstanding 3rd party brands for cloud-based computing to provide business cloud solutions to our customers. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the most innovative, valuable, and reliable solutions, from cloud infrastructure services to cloud networking solutions, with a focus on cyber security in cloud computing, to help protect your business’s data.


Our selection of cutting-edge online collaborative tools is built to:

  • Encourage teamwork from anywhere, any time
  • Improve productivity and data accuracy
  • Manage data for easy storage and sharing

We can show you how collaborative software tools and the use of cloud can maximize your team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Phones Systems

Working Remote – Working from Home
Work happens in more places outside the office and long after traditional business hours are done. With our solutions, important client relationship management features and others can be accessed on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop whenever you need them. With many applications of cloud computing, all you need is high-speed internet to get started!

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