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At Sky, We are All About Working Remote

Working from home is gaining more and more popularity these days, and the pandemic has given employers a practical insight into its advantages and disadvantages. At Sky, we believe there are far more benefits to remote working than most businesses realize, like increased productivity, lower costs, and flexibility.

It is no longer a secret that micromanagement decreases productivity. Giving your employees flexible working hours and trusting them to complete the targets on time goes beyond just increasing productivity. In this way, our team finds a suitable routine, maintain a good work-life balance and get enough family time, which in turn improves the mental health and keeps them more focused at work.

The Times They Are A-Changin

It’s just too difficult for people to wrap their heads around how all this shift to the digital space is working.

2021 – 2024 transition. Businesses don’t understand how to relate the old methods to the future methods of doing things and we think it’s because we’re transitioning from the physical to the non-physical.

At Sky, it’s ALL ABOUT helping businesses fulfill their dreams.

Building trust and
long-term relationships with our customers

We, customers and companies alike, need to trust the people with whom we do business. Customers expect honest, straight forward interactions where their voices are heard. Companies work to inspire brand loyalty and deliver satisfaction while trying to understand their customers better.

The SMB Battle

Big Brand Reputations Decline

The thing is, the big companies do not care at all about small businesses. They pretend to care by lying to us about their products and services to get small businesses to buy from them. In truth, the big companies feed off the small businesses and try to keep them small on purpose if not, even cause them to go out of business.

It’s time that we stop believing what these big corporations are feeding us from their false advertising and cookie-cutter product offerings.

Working Hard vs Working Smart

Cold calls

Dial for dollars, the more no’s get me closer to a yes

Data driven conversations

Automated conversations until intervention requested

Old Methods - New Methods - Sky Methods

Our Vision

Our vision is to build the things that entrepreneurs and small businesses will need as the future becomes more complex. We believe there is a paradigm shift happening right now and businesses have until 2024 to get comfortable with this transition shift. After that, starting in 2025 all the old methods will no longer be successful and many of the current market leaders will fall. Understanding and getting comfortable with the future methods will be the only path to success.

Who will win the battle between Small Business Quality vs Big Brand Quantity?

For the first time in history, small biz and entrepreneurs have a real chance to win the battle and become the new Market Leaders. Hard work alone will not get this job done because to beat the big brands, we will have to work smart! Our vision is to teach/empower entrepreneurs and small biz how to transition to the future methods by 2024 because after that it will be too much of a learning curve to succeed. Well that’s whats happening right now with business methods. It started a few years back but covid kicked it into high gear with the need to work from home. Opening the “Remote Working” door has kickstarted the “transition period” and businesses have about 4 years to complete the transition and get comfortable with the changes.

In 2025, the paradigm shift will be complete and then the next business evolution will begin. At that point, if you have not already transitioned and got comfortable operating with the future methods – you will not be able to participate in the following business evolution because the learning curve will be too high. Hook up with Sky Methods now to begin your transition before the learning curve gets too steep!


The leadership team at Sky Methods is comprised of cloud computing pioneers with successful approaches to cloud service delivery. Our mission as leaders in the cloud services industry is to make it easy for our clients to select, purchase, and implement cloud productivity tools to grow their businesses.

Sky Family of Products and Services

Sky Methods

Cloud marketplace for small businesses offering a wide range of affordable cloud products and services.


Educational website covering the latest market trends and business insights through entertaining stories.


Gamification and leaderboards tied to sales quota creates a fun environment with healthy competition.


Sales & marketing robots that initiate human-like conversations with website visitor then contacts for follow up.


First cloud enhancer for Youtube. Going viral becomes easy when you’re the boss.


Web Information Exchange: Use blocks & containers to build any type of page to exchange content and info.


We believe salespeople think differently and need tools built differently.