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2D & 3D videos

Animated characters add
personality to a video or
to a brand
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Branding & Messaging

Companies align their messaging
strategy to develop and maintain
their company branding.
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Cloud Systems
We focus on Collaboration,
CRM, Web Robots &
Phone Systems

Design services

Logos, flyers, business cards,
business presentations...
you know the drill!
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Sales & Marketing
Generate leads without forms.
Schedule automated voice
calls with your voice!
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website services
What's the difference between
mobile optimization and
a mobile version?
Website Traffic
A funnel marketing strategy
provides a purpose to each
page of your website.
Content Writing
Whitepapers, SEO,
Blog, Presentations

We Design Beautiful Eye-Catching Websites

that attract visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Design a website however you want without spending a fortune!

Our web development agency is a team comprised of experts in website design and development which can help you build and maintain the perfect website from start to finish. Web design costs can get pretty high, but you’re sure to find some of the lowest here at Sky Methods! A digital agency website, like this one you’re on right now, can come in as low as $700. Our inexpensive website development cost can get you these awesome benefits:

Complete control of your website
A unique design to help you stand out
Unparalleled flexibility of your content … and more

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We Design For
All Devices

We Design For All Devices

Our designers are proficient in custom website design and will create the best possible looks for both desktop and mobile devices.

Internet marketing websites need to be flexible to users’ needs, and we, as a web design company, understand that more than anyone. Hence, our team always delivers a design optimized for desktop and a mobile-friendly website design. This makes sure that all visitors have the same perfect experience, whether they’re in a PC or looking at the mobile-friendly version of your site.

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What About Website Traffic?

Having a beautiful-looking website isn’t enough for success, or driving traffic to it. It’s about setting up your website in a functional way and having a plan for the traffic. We help provide tools to help you assess and develop plans for your traffic, as well as several other important website services.

eCommerce website development entails using a “click funnel” plan that controls how your website traffic moves from page to page or section to section. The funnel moves cause visitors to take certain actions in a specific order resulting in the call to action you desire them to take. Having a strong SEO plan along with the funnel strategy will turn your website visitors into qualified leads.

Why Branding is Important For Your Business

As a website design agency, we cannot stress enough how branding is important to your business. It is how people perceive your business and what they feel when they think of you.

Your business’ branding differentiates you from everyone else. It often plays a huge role in attracting potential customers and converting them into regular customers.

Branding Strategy

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Good marketing makes the company look smart.

4 Ways Sky Methods Can Help

We focus on the fundamentals of small businesses by providing the key products and services that optimize success


Website Services

Sky Methods offers the full range of web services, from deep audits of your current website to fully custom website development. Our team of talented designers can bring your desired design to life, no matter what it is.

Our team of competent web developers also offers a wide array of web development services, proficient in working with any framework you want. We can also work with popular programs like WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS tools, as well as provide WordPress customer service and other similar services. Web application development is one of the team’s especially strong suits, creating web apps that can help you engage better with your customers.

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Cloud Systems

Our focus on Collaboration, CRM & Phone Systems also extends to affordable cloud products and services designed to complement the tools you currently use. We design leading-edge cloud computing architectures for startups and SMEs in affordable small business packages that are completely customizable to work within your budget and goals.

Whether it be a cloud file system, a cloud ERP system, or even online backup for servers, Sky Methods’ team of cloud experts has identified the top software providers based on value and reliability to provide our customers with the best technologies and tools. Whenever your business needs any form of cloud computing architecture, think Sky Methods – your trusted partner in the cloud.

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Marketing Solutions

Your marketing plan is the key to your small business’ growth. It identifies and prioritizes your marketing strategies and defines a solid course of action for your business.

At Sky Methods, we are more than just a website designing company; we are also a CRM software company that provides marketing solutions, informing and guiding each of your marketing-related decisions. We can equip your business with custom CRM software that fits right into your company’s workloads. We happen to have what we can proudly claim to be the best CRM software for small businesses that you can customize as a marketing CRM software. With our team’s guidance, we can take a holistic look at your business and provide you with an affordable path to marketing success.

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Sales Resources

Reach your sales goals without increasing your staff or training costs. With our CRM software for small businesses, we can provide you with a sales CRM software designed perfectly for your sales team. Our CRM solutions are specially designed to cater to SMEs, and we can positively say that they are one of the best free CRM for startups. Our tools offer all the necessary components you will need for your CRM strategy, and should be very easy to integrate to your sales team’s workflow.

Flexibility is one of any CRM’s best suits, and ours rock full customizability, from your CRM dashboard down to your CRM reporting sheets and charts, to make sure it fits right for your team.

We are confident that our solutions can easily beat out the products made by other CRM companies, because they are designed from the ground up by salespeople for salespeople. It’s time you focus on meeting with qualified prospects that are in their buying cycle.

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